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What will it do?
Restores damaged hair back to beautiful conditioned locks.
How to use:
  • Step 1 - shampoo & condition hair using our Zero Shampoo which has a low PH  & Everyday 
  • Step 3 - towel dry and apply a few drops of Hair Therapy Oil into damp hair (root to tip) comb through and blow dry or leave naturally to dry.
  • Step 4 - use Purifying Shampoo once a month to get rid of build up of products and hard water.
  • Step 5 - use Keratin Repair Mask for intense conditioning and strength, apply once a week for 3 weeks then reduce to 2/3 weeks on shampooed clean hair, put your hair in a towel and leave for a minimum of 15 minutes or overnight for enhanced results. Rinse off with warm water, do not apply oil afterwards. Style as normal or leave to dry naturally.
  • If volume is required if your hair is fine use Advanced Styler before using Argan Oil.
  • If your hair is curly use Amargan Ultimate Curl as well as Argan Oil.


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