Revive 3 Piece Hair Loss Set - 30 Day Kit For Men & Women

Revive 3 Piece Hair Loss Set - 30 Day Kit For Men & Women


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Suitable for use :-

  • men & women
  • when undergoing chemotherapy treatment. before, after and during.
  • in pregnancy
  • all hair types

REVIVE ProCare is clinically proven to grow hair 300% stronger and thicker. This works by restoring the health of the scalp.  Revive Procare removes DHT laden sebum, the leading cause of hair loss.

Reviv3 3-Part System

One system for all hair types, natural and chemically treated hair, for men and women in one convenient kit.

Our system uses Shielded Micro Technology which eliminates the need for two separate systems to treat your hair. It allows the combining of active botanical ingredients to effectively improve the scalp skin environment in both natural and chemically treated hair.

Our system is naturally derived from plants and is chemical free.



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28 June 2019 

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