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Amargan Colour Therapy Oil - Brown/Red - 100ml

How about a therapy session with your coloured hair? An ultra-emollient tap of a professional conditioning treatment, with the most featherweight shine, the Amargan Colour Therapy Oil gets you exactly what you are looking for. With all the essential benefits of argan oil, the therapeutic oil works to offer a healthy, lustrous finish to your coloured tresses. Suitable for any hair type, the hair care oil is the perfect solution to promote hair growth, to naturally condition your hair and to uplift the coloured texture.

Show your Hair that You Really Care!

Maintain a healthy hair routine and give the proper nourishment to those coloured roots! The unique colour lock system of this colour therapy oil by Amargan helps to combat colour fade while the colour sustain technology cleverly keeps the colour molecules locked in place keeping your hair healthy and bright. Now, you can relish those everyday highlights with a workable hold and an enduring sheen!

Let’s Fight the heat! Perfect Haircare with Sun Block Protection

Sunlight and heat can cause the hair colour to fade and might damage the roots. Not anymore! The Colour Therapy Oil with its highly effective sun block system protects the hair from harmful UV rays. Formulated for different hair colours, the hair treatment oil boosts and enhances your hair tone while adding shine and increasing manageability. So, don’t let the colours fade and maintain your irresistible shine years after!

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