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It’s always great to hear and read things about our products helping those to tame, condition and transform unruly hair.

Here are some quotes taken from a few of our most recently found reviews by some very happy beauty bloggers:


 Almost Emily Jane (Top)
“I snapped up a bottle of this from Diane that day, and I've used it religiously since… And to top it off, she told me to squirt a bit onto my hands and rub it in like you would a hand cream, and almost instantly my hands started to feel conditioned and softer.”

For more fantastic reviews visit Emily Jane's Blog here; Almost Emily Jane

She Said Beauty; Beth (Second Image)

“I definitely agree that it dramatically reduces frizz and static and it also feels very lightweight and doesn't weigh the hair down which is great...Overall I really love all three products and at the relatively low prices you don't need to feel too guilty!”
To read more Amargan reviews and others, visit Beth's blog.

Sarah Kay Blogs (Third Image)
“The oils can be used independently of each other but when used together they're brilliant.  I received a 30ml bottle of each and as you only need a couple of drops…when they eventually do run out, I'll definitely be repurchasing!”
To read the rest of this review and see Sarah Kay's weekly blogs, visit her site here.

 Forever Miss Vanity; Jessica (Bottom Image)
“Each product is easy to use and my favourite by far has to be the Amargan Shine and Protect Spray. If there was one hair care product that I had to take everywhere with me, this would be it. I've noticed a huge difference in the softness and shine since using the Amargan oils. Each product is light as a feather and you barely even notice that it's there, apart from the overall impact it has on your hair."

For more on Jessica's review on our products, and many more visit her website.


Beauty Alchemy
“My hair is noticeably more healthier now with a gorgeous shine. My itching scalp has gone and my hair feels more softer yet stronger…I would definitely recommend this to anyone who colours their hair, uses heated hair products, has weak, damaged hair.”
To read the rest of this review and see more on Beauty Alchemy, visit their website here.

We'd like to say a big thank you to all of the beauty bloggers who tried, tested and loved our products and gave themselves some 'hairapy'!

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